Introducing LossExpress

Uniting Insurance and Banks for Automotive Total Loss.

Take back your automotive claims processing with a complete and
unified total loss lien release experience – all online.

For Insurance CompaniesFor Financial Institutions

One unified connection, with a human-centered approach.

In the race to make automotive claims digital, institutions have pieced together varied solutions in hopes of supplementing manual processes with technologies that may work technically, but not practically. As a result, claim processes are fragmented, employee “work-arounds” are increased and the customer experience remains unchanged.

Set your institution apart with a
unified lien release experience.

LossExpress™ provides a secure industry-leading platform that bridges the total loss gap to bring together insurance companies and banking institutions—all in one cohesive and user-centric experience.

Insurance Companies

Loan payoffs and lien release
all in one place.

Includes innovative features like real-time payoff information, letter of guarantee approvals, digital documents, integrated messaging, payment solutions, and live claims support.

Banking Institutions

Digital loan settlement
all in one place.

No more payoff calls, miscommunications, or faxing issues. Includes innovative features like loss notifications, digital documentation and one-click settlement approvals.


Total Loss in Motion

Get your auto total loss moving,
and keep it that way.

Integrated Messaging

Chat directly with a representative about a claim needed.

Some claims need a little extra love that only a human can provide. Integrated Messaging allows you to securely chat directly with a representative to navigate those claims that require some additional attention. Whether asking a simple question to the bank or discussing a settlement discrepancy, chat quickly and conveniently for faster claims resolution.

The only digital total loss platform that bridges secure, integrated chat between insurance and banking

Resolve settlement disputes directly from chat

Responding to chats on the go via integrated email response makes managing chats a breeze


Your teams.
All in one place.

In today’s modern age, more people are wide spread and/or working remote than ever before. Seize the opportunity to bring them together under one total loss roof. See what your teams are seeing, manage their permissions, and gain overall performance visibility and insights into their work productivity.


Know your institution’s true processing power better than ever.

A new layer of visibility into your total loss potential. Track claims resolutions with a click, review cycle times, monitor team member productivity and more. Delivering actionable insights that guide decisions and drive experience.

Give your teams and customers an experience to rave about.

I submitted a payoff request to the lien holder at 8:32 am and received the quote instantly. I proceeded with a digital letter of guarantee right then, which the lien holder accepted and even included a title copy. How have we not been doing it this way for years?”


Adjuster at Frankenmuth Insurance

Without LossExpress, it will be difficult to keep up in a fast-changing world.

Loss of efficiency

Time is money. Are your staff still spending hours a day making calls to banks, answering calls from insurers and faxing or mailing documents?

Loss of staff

Good people are hard to come by and can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Are you giving staff the tools they need to succeed, and stay?

Loss of customers

Though filing a claim isn’t on anyone’s bucket list, getting their claim resolved and loan settled quickly just might be. How long are your customers waiting?

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Start your auto total loss transformation.

We’ll connect our digital solution to your teams and let the magic happen. Our technology goes to work immediately to create your new and improved total loss process—one your staff and customers will love.

Get your auto total loss moving in the digital world with LossExpress.

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