What is LossExpress™?

Goodbye status quo. The future of total loss claims starts today.

When we began, we were a hungry and agile startup on a mission to transform the auto total loss process. Though that hasn’t changed, our depth of industry knowledge, resources, network and capabilities have. By integrating LossExpress™ into the auto total loss process, we are helping insurance companies and financial institutions save time and money, while creating a better experience for their customers and employees. 

We’re a mixed bag of fintech geeks and normal joes.

What started as a curiosity, ended with a transformative technology. Though the customer claims experience has grown increasingly automated over the last couple decades, auto total loss claims have remained challenging and relatively unimproved for all parties involved—customer, insurer and lender.

We want to speed things up and bring auto total loss into the 21st century.

Living in an ever-increasing digital world, the auto total loss is seemed to be on the shoulder with a flat tire. Between decades-old processes, mixed procedures and disparate systems, the result was a completely manual process with disconnected parties, long cycle times, significant human capital and a customer experience that all parties involved were desperate to improve.

Our Mission

Connect insurers and banks on a digital channel.

The financial industry has been slow to adjust—no one has ever said, “I need to go check my mobile Instagram,” yet ‘online banking’ and ‘mobile banking’ continue to exist as two separate products. We just don’t think that’s good enough.

We believe banking should be seamless.

We also believe it should be relational and contextual, because those things don’t just make for better service, they make for a better bottom line.

We’re just getting started.

Our best-in-class products are only the beginning. As we continue to lay the groundwork for the future of auto total loss, we hope you’ll join us on this ride.