LossExpress™ for Insurance Companies

Your new total loss lien release headquarters

LossExpress™ is changing the auto total loss status quo by creating a seamless loan payoff to lien release – all in one place. Save your adjusters time and hassle, while increasing customer satisfaction. Experience is key to success – every feature, every interaction, on every claim.

Total Loss in Motion

Get your auto total loss moving,
and keep it that way.

Provide a service that no other auto total loss solution can. Your customers expect a fast and seamless claims process. They’re used to quick and smooth experiences. Finally an auto total loss experience that delivers both.

Instant Loan Payoff

With LossExpress™, adjusters can quickly find financial information for vehicle loans, to include loan payoff balances, per diem values, valid thru dates for loan payoff amounts, payment remittance information and more  all online! No need for a phone call, long hold times, emails or faxes. Get what you need, when you need it  all in a few clicks.

Digital Lien Release

With LossExpress™, adjusters can quickly review payoff to settlement scenarios to understand equity. When a short-pay appears to be present, LossExpress™ intuitively transmits a digital letter of guarantee to the lien holder and the adjuster receives electronic confirmation of settlement, to include release, ownership verification and title copy.

The LossExpress™ Experience

Seamless, fast, and forward-thinking. Experience lien release in a new way.

LossExpress™ provides a secure industry-leading platform that solves the lien release gap to deliver an inclusive, cohesive and user-centric experience – for adjusters and customers alike.


Locations, teams and settings. All in one place.

In today’s modern age, more people are wide spread and/or working remote than ever before. Seize the opportunity to bring them together under one total loss roof. See what your teams are seeing, manage their permissions, and gain overall performance visibility and insights into their work productivity.


Insights at your fingertips.

A new layer of visibility into your total loss potential. Track claims resolutions with a click, review cycle times, monitor team member productivity and more. Delivering actionable insights that guide decisions and drive experience. Know your company’s true processing power better than ever.

Integrated Messaging

Chat real people, real fast. No bots about it.

You’re there to help customers resolve their claims, but don’t always have financial information or ability to quickly ask a bank representative questions at the moment of need. Imagine having what you need, when (or before) you need it—all over a digital channel.

It’s your call. Don’t make it.

With Integrated Messaging, ask questions and get what you need, via chat, without phone calls or 2 hour hold times. With a digital ledger specific to each claim, maintain full visibility into messaging and activities to retrieve when needed, or archive when you don’t.

The only digital total loss platform that bridges secure, integrated chat between insurance and banking

Resolve settlement disputes directly from chat

Responding to chats on the go via integrated email response makes managing chats a breeze


Secure and compliant.

LossExpress™ utilizes industry-standard security protocols, including the latest in data encryption and tracking technologies, user single-sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication. LossExpress™ provides secure user management and allows for self-service account recovery. Reducing errors from manual calls and data entry, LossExpress™ sets a new standard in ensuring information is not only secure, but correct.

Business-Grade Support

24/7 Business Support

Business unit leaders have direct access to dedicated business support leads around the clock to address unique opportunities and service level needs.

In-App Help

With LossExpress™, all users with an account have access to 24/7 in-app support and can submit technical issues directly from the claim dashboard.

Enterprise Level

Quarterly business reviews, process improvement studies and technical implementation support are available to larger clients.

Get your auto total loss moving.

Let’s talk about what this could look like for your company.